There is rapture on the lonely shore…


Port Arthur's Bay

Port Arthur’s Bay

Pfff what a week… Feeling like going to the end of this world and get lost… Talking about end of the world, let’s go to Tasmania! I spent a week down there, in the beginning of the summer, just me and my little baby car, driving through the loneliness of Tassie… I will only talk this week of the West Coast, because it’d be way too long otherwise. And I like to make pleasure lasts longer!

I flew on Christmas day, stormy day as always when I fly, hailing as hell, and so much wind all flights were bound to the ground… I left about 6 hours late, and arrived in Launceston -quite a ‘bumpy’ ride – at about 3 in the morning! But my hostel was LOVELY, Art house it was, an old gigantic house with a lovely staff. My first hostel!! (I did not sleep well haha).

I took a bus down to Hobart, visited the MONA (which I recommend even though I do not like modern art much) but the museum itself is beautiful, it’s on the bay and you have a lovely ferry ride to get to it. I had fish and chips on the pier, it must have been about 7 oclock at night, and Hobart was an absolute GHOST town… The next day I got my rented car, the smallest car in the world and we’ve been great friends all along!

Gloomy Port Arthur...

Gloomy Port Arthur…

After Hobart, I drove to Port Arthur, far down South. Port Arthur is the old jail, where they first ‘disposed’ of the excess of convicts from England. They say that whoever accepted to be taken down there had a reduction of his sentence… No one ever -successfully – escaped from Port Arthur, and no wonder, you’re surrounded by the ocean and the closest place you’ll reach is the Southern Pole… About two prisonners who have intended to escape have never been found, they are considered drowned in the sea, but I prefer to believe they have made it! We all know that Australia was built on convicts and prostitutes and when you see this place it gives you the chills… The oldest building – the one in ruins – have been destroyed by a storm, but the newest ones (the psychiatric confinements and such lovely places) are still there, you can visit them, but personnaly, I did not feel like visiting such places where people have probably suffered and been put through horrors just on the ground that they were ‘bad’ people.

Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay

That very day, I headed back up to Coles Bay, and the drive put me through so much happiness I will not intend to say it. Just me and the Australian bush, a lifetime dream come true. Coles Bay, it is properly a PARADISE. When I got there, put my bags down at the lovely YHA down by the beach, I had a fish and chips (yes, I love it!) watching the most wonderful sunset I had ever witnessed.

I went for a hike the next day to Wineglass Bay. I got to the ranger’s building (all the national parks in Tassie have a fee, you’d better buy a pass it’s way cheaper and very convenient) and when I said I was going up there, they looked at me from top to bottom and thought I was joking. I did switch my flip flops for my tennis shoes, and I proved them wrong for not only did I climb to the top, but I did the full circle (yes I could not imagine climbing back what I had just walked down). 11km haha that’s it, but for me then, wow! From the top of the hill, you have a MAGNIFICENT view on Wineglass Bay. If you keep on the track for the long hike, you’ll get to Hazards Beach, which is white sand blue water just like Wineglass Bay only deserted as most people won’t bother getting that far. I ran out of water pretty quickly, for it was just so hot (turned out that it was only 23…) and I thought I would die up there, but the view on Coles Bay kept me alive! I even went for a three hours sunset kayaking tour -with Freycinet Adventures lovely people by the way- after that… Do I need to say it was gorgeous? Met some awesome people from Hong Kong, we had a cookie break on Honeymoon Bay and then, watched the sunset from the beach in Coles Bay. The sky burst out pink, then fuschia, then purple, then I packed my bag again.

Coles Bay

Coles Bay

Well, all this is great no? Let me advise you something. Sunset on a beach? NEVER! That was my first encounter with sandflies… You don’t see them, you don’t hear them, you’re just lost in your awe of nature, then you wake up the next day, with 22 bites only on your ankles and you literraly cry your heart out for even the slighest wind on your skin will put you to misery. Please remember to put insect repellant on, otherwise that will absolutly ruin the end of your trip. I’ve been unable to wear shoes for the rest of the week, did all the hikes with flip flops and suffered many sleepless nights… Only frozen water could release me of my pain for a few minutes. Blah, sandflies are horrendous, they are an absolute pest of every trip in Australia, and they became my biggest phobia.

I hope you liked that post. Tassie is a rather ‘unknown’ part of Australia, it is looked down upon by many Australian, however, if it is a very quiet place, it is an unbelieavably beautiful site and you will NOT regret it!






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