The Chocolate Cake!


I have an interview tomoz for the dreamt position in the dreamt city – I am so stressed out right now, all I can think about is how much I’d like to have a piece of that enormous cake we made last Sunday… or two… or all that is left! Alvaro, my roomie said ‘La mejor tarta de mi vida, te lo prometo!!’

IMG_20130428_214438It was just a plain chocolate cake really, it tasted awesome to be honest, but I think it was thanks to the amount of sweets we put in it…

Basically, we cut the chocolate cake in half so we’d have two layers, between the layers we made a basic cream cheese/icing sugar frosting. We added pieces of Schokobon and stracciatella. Then we covered the cake with the same frosting, springled the stracciatella and Schokobon on the top, and Voila!

I love to bake, but where I am right now, I have not a single electrical kitchen appliance (I don’t even have a boiler, what is wrong with this country??) and it limits consistently the variety of things I can make… What I dream of right now, is a lemon meringue pie but can’t beat the eggs white so…. **sugar craving**

Wish me luck for tomorrow…



PS excuse the quality of the photo. I love my phone, but really it is absolutly unable to pick up any proper light, everything looks pale and grey… One day I’ll get an iphone as well…


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