The road is where my heart is

IMGP1701Who has ever been on the Great Ocean Road? That will be my last post for Victoria! So many more things I whish I had seen when there, especially the penguins parade at Phillip Island. But I guess I’ll have to come back no?

This 243km road, following the coast, goes from Warrnambool to Torquay. When we took the car from Melbourne, it was raining so bad we decided to drive all the way to Port Campbell and do it backwards.

  • Port Campbell and the shipwreck coast: a tiny little village principally populated by tourists… We booked a room when we arrived, in what seemed to be a nice little studio type of room, 4 beds and a bathroom. I forced my parents to take it, my mom thought it a bit dingy, and I just wanted to prove her that cheap didn’t mean shit. However, when the night fell, it appeared a few (soooo many) worms on the walls YUUUUK no?? I freaked out obviously, (it was the early early days of my life on the road hahaha) and made my dad sleep in the bunk beds close to the wall while I shared the big bed with mom. Don’t worry they’re still giving me some shit about it! Anyway, my point is: the 12 Apostles! The London Arch! When you’re down on the beach, surrounded by the huge cliffs that’s when you realized how little and insignificant you are… That part of the coast is completly wrecked, you’re far above sea level, it’s highly picturesque.

    My first Apostle!

    My first Apostle!

  • Appollo Bay, Lorne, Anglesea: that part is much more of a holiday destination. Long white sand beaches, golf clubs, nice little places to eat etc. That’s also the part of the road where you’ll see the koalas! I can’t remember exactly where (although it is EXACTLY where Lonely Planet says it is), I just know that it’s on that part of the road that leaves the coast to go inland, through the gum trees. If you see some cars stopped right in the middle of the road with people staring above, then the koalas are not too far!! Such cute animals! Did you know they have a brain the size of a chestnut? Because the eucalyptus is so toxic that it takes so much energy to digest, the specie had to sacrifice the brain to facilitate the digestion… As well, koala means in aborigenal ‘no drinks’ for Koalas are one of the only animal that don’t drink any water.

    Natural sleeping position

    Natural sleeping position

  • Torquay: The home of all things surf!! Where Rip Curl was created. That was my favorite part of the road. We went for a stroll at sunset to Bells Beach, which is the beach where they have all the big surfing competitions. Wow, have I ever seen a beach that small?? It was sunset, it was warm, we could see all the surfers waiting for the wave down  the cliffs, it just seemed to me like perfection. We had a great dinner at that restaurant on the esplanade that I can’t remember the name, broke our bank accounts at Rip Curl, had breakfast by the beach, and tanned all afternoon. Just my kinda life!



Just so you know, the Apostles are slowly falling, I believe there a 6 of them left, so you’d better hurry and have a look!

I hope you all have a great week end! Spring is already over here, we had the worst hailing storm ever and I will spend my week end stuck inside working. Who knew homework still existed in Uni?? I didn’t! Had to wait for my last semester ever to find out!



PS you can click on the pics to make them full screen


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