And the wine tasting begins…


Just doing a bit of shopping now…

So the visit of Zamora was just a small part of our day, the whole purpose of the trip was just to eat and drink really ;). And that’s what we did. All day.

We started with a first ‘bodega‘, in the Toro wine region specialised in red vino Tinto. This winery was Liberalia, owned by a mad Spanish man, who plays the violin to his grapes and classical music to the wine resting in the barrels – he firmly believes it makes the wine taste better (I say it’s worth a shot!). It’s a very new estate, created in 2000, and it’s basically a big stone shed in the middle of the vineyard. The visit was fun and interesting, thanks to the owner, who is passionate about what he does, an ‘artist’ as he calls himslef (I call him a lunatic!). We had a tasting in the winery, and by tasting I mean that he poured each of us a HUGE glass of white wine (delicious!), then another one of red tinto… He left the carafes on the table so we could finish them…

Oh, and one thing we finally realized (three months that I’ve been here) that white wine is cheaper than soda! So hem… it was hot… sort of… and we’re poor students…

A second visit was organized in the arvo, at Vega Sauco, a very different bodega, although as well a family-owned business. In both wineries, the owner was working with their daugthers, which made me realize that maybe, my dad should have let me a chance. Anyway, it is interesting as well to know that for both wineries, more than 80% of their production is exported, which is apparently the only reason why they are surviving the crisis. They are also very proud as Mr Robert Parker (he MUST be quite the man in the american critic industry, have you ever heard of him?) had come to Toro last year, and made amazing reviews of their wines. Oh, and another funny fact, is that in the first winery they displayed of photo of Pope Jean Paul II holding a bottle of their wine, and Vega Sauco’s Adoremus red wine was Jean Paul II’s favorite. They were very proud of having had such a customer – as far as I am concerned that red wine was amazingly strong I could barely swallow it!

_IGP8904Anyway, long story short! We had dinner in a lost village called El Perdigon (780 inhabitants), and the peculiarity of the place are the tiny little hobbit houses, that were in fact the entrance to the underground cellars that almost every family owns. It must be an amazing network of tunnels under there! Los Yugos, is an underground restaurant, and for some reason it made me think of the red room of pain when I first entered… Their specialty is BBQ meat – my favvvvvv – and what an abundance we had! Chorizo, pancetta, pork ribs, bread, red wine! The owner is a bit of a ‘special man’ as David – our guide – warned us. ‘Girls, if he draws you a penis, please don’t be offended – he’s very … old Spanish culture… What American girls would call creepy… You’ll see what I mean’. He went to all the tables to ask who loved chorizo. If you’d say yes, he would bring a plate of chorizo in the shape of a penis… He also introduced us to Pépé, his wine jar in the shape of a penis… Weird no?

To digest, they brought us the chupitos (shots) with a bottle of manzana and one of herbal licor (the real deal). It was so much fun to be honest, I’d definitly recommend that place to anyone!

I loved them wine tasting days! However this week end is studyiiiiiing… Thank god it’s already Friday!




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