Wine is bottled poetry

Happy beggining of week end!

We all have an image of Australia in our head, and it usually involves a beach, a wave, and the sunshine. However today, I want to talk about a lesser known side of Australia : the Inland. In fact, Australia has so much to offer it would be quite wrong to reduce it to just surf and kangaroos.

So let me take you on a journey through the wine regions of Victoria! Being French, I had this conviction that all things wine can only be French, and the rest well… it was just a mere copy of what we could do. That is what I call ignorance because I’ve never learnt to love wine and wine regions as much as I did in Australia – and I have been born and raised in a vineyard… I had the opportunity to visit quite a few estates during my year in Oz, and I want to share today my favorite ones.

To start, of course the Yarra Valley. That’s where all the big names of the wine industry can be found, in the state of Victoria. You can find very very different things and two of them have really struck my mind:

-Yering Station : (or Yarra Yering? Havent really figured out why it was never called with the same name) the estate can boast a hotel, a gourmet store, a cellar door, a restaurant, a magnificent garden, and a view on the Valley. You can also request that they pick you up from Melbourne with their helicopter but whatever, your choice! I looooved the cellar door! You need to go through the gourmet store to get to it, it is like an ‘underground’ ‘grunge’ type of place, with funny art paintings on the wall. Great wines as well.

-Tarrawara Estate: beautiful, beautiful property! A proper winery, very classy with a gourmet restaurant and an art gallery inside. I particularly liked the gardens/vineyard.


Further north, you will find the beautiful wine region of the King Valley, the home of the iconic Brown Brothers. I spent an entire day there, enjoying the vineyards, a wine tasting and a gourmet lunch at their Epicurean Center. The property is huge, but they treat their guests in a very friendly way, and the region itself is gorgeous.


Hard not to mention the Mornington Peninsula… This wine region is a bit far from Melbourne, the ideal is to make it a two day trip really. To me, it was Australian gorgeouness at its best: the gum trees, the dry dirt, the blue sky and the sun shine. I visited Red Hill Estate, boasting the “best view for a vineyard” and did it blow my mind! The winery/restaurant is so cute, from the restaurant you have a view on the lawn area, then the vineyard which falls into the ocean. You can enjoy a nice picnic sipping their wines on the lawn, do a tasting or settle for a delicious meal made all with local produces, believe me you’ll have an amazing day! You will have to excuse me if some of the photos are a bit ‘fuzzy’, the truth is, they had me do the whole wine tasting experience, and well… too much wine for me I guess!


Doesn’t it make you want to go on a wine tour now? I am myself taking off for a wine tasting day in Zamora/Toro tomorrow, I am so exited!

Have a great week end,



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