Las Arribes del Duero




Let me take you on a journey through Espana’s beautiful lanscape…


Last sunday, the town of Mieza (according to Wikipedia, population: 428) organized the XVIII Marcha de Senderismo ‘Las Arribes del Duero’. It was a very random decision that we took to participate, but I love a good hike and we just could not let go of such an amazing weather! I mean… you never know… it could have been the only day…

We took a bus from Salamanca at 8:30 in the morning. Two buses had especially been fetched for the occasion. Mieza, it is the smallest little village ever not too far from the border with Portugal. When we got out of the bus it felt like we had actually travelled in time back to 100 years ago. That’s only then that I noticed this old grandpa naturally riding his donkey on the road… I’ve seen about three of them like this, so I just deduced it must be the latest in terms of transportation means on this side of the world ;). However, there was about 1000 people that day to take the hike, and the little village was undergoing the biggest animation ever!

It took us a bit more than three hours to complete the 11km hike in the ‘bush’, mainly due to the fact that the narrow path created a bit of “traffic”. What an amazing feeling to be hiking the moutains again (well, they call it mountains, but after New Zealand I like to think it was just a big hill, I mean it did not even HURT my legs)! A bit further than half way through, some people from the ‘city council’ were waiting for us with a bottle of water and an orange for each of us. The oranges were locals and no need to say how yuuuuuuuuummy they were… At km 5, a man was standing there, an old man from the village, playing the saxophone for the hikers. How cool??

When we finally reached the end, we could already smell the barbecue. I just loooooove barbecues, they prepared us so much meat (bacon, chorizo, porc ribs, etc), along with a piece of cheese, a piece of bread, an orange and this special cookie from Salamanca, named ‘peronilla‘, and of course a glass of local Rose wine… We layed in the grass, taking the sunshine, our stomach full, with the sound of the kids playing around. I think that’s called happiness. We had such a view on the Duero river from the picnic place! Another old man (I haven’t seen anyone in this village looking less than 75 years old) was playing the drum and special Spanish flute, and people started dancing the traditional Spanish dances… Back at the village was waiting for us a ‘local band’ meaning devoted to traditional Spanish music. Some people were dancing, others enjoying their wine chatting with friends, it was just one big party day for Mieza!


The entire day was so perfectly organized by the town of Mieza, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of it. Finding myself in nature again, with no sounds but the flies and the birds, it felt like I was alive again.




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