Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


I snapped this picture on my phone last Saturday as I was taking my morning run, earlier than usual. This Saturday has been the first day of Spring in Salamanca, and the morning sun light was so worth the trouble of getting out of bed.

This Saturday has been the first day I have felt really happy from start to finish since I came back to Europe, four months ago now (first day of sunshine as well maybe I should call it a sign?). When I first got home, everyone would ask me ‘How does it feel to be back to reality?’ and it would scream in my head ‘Reality is down there, here is just the nightmare from which I’ll never wake up’.

As I crossed the river that morning, and I looked back at Salamanca I thought ‘ what a gorgeous place to live in’ and I felt happy and lucky I was here. Maybe, after all, there are places outside of Australia or New Zealand that are worth the trouble to be seen and experienced. Maybe Europe has something to offer me again and maybe for a change I should give it a chance.

With my head high and my sunglasses I am now looking forward!




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