Book review: Gone with the wind



I just finished reading Gone with the Wind two days ago and I miss it already… This was the second time I was reading it, and I enjoyed it probably as much as I did the first time!

Did you know that Margaret Mitchell only ever wrote that one book? Well, maybe she wrote other stories but that one is the only one that was published. What a shame for she sure knew how to tell a story!

The first thing I love about this book is the historical inputs we have throughout the story set in Georgia, USA before, during and after the Civil War. We actually learn a lot about slavery, the Secession and Klu Klux Klan. Which is quite interesting given that I really knew nothing about it, even though it is somewhat biased…

The whole book stands on Scarlett’s shoulders. I love everything about her character: she is the most sellfish girl that ever was but her love of her land Tara and how she carries her whole family through a war she did not understand makes her so loveable.

And of course, Rhett Butler! Ah, Rhett… I wonder how much he influenced my taste in men… I first read it when I was very young and I’ve often noticed how I always feel attracted to the over-confident, proud and careless… If it sounds romantic when Margaret Mitchell writes their story, let me tell you the reality is far less attractive…

twoHowever, we always refer to Gone with the wind for the fantastic love story between Scarlett and Rhett, but I have my doubts. Never really in the book Rhett and Scarlett are in love with each other. Rhett loves Scarlett who loves Ashley. Then the situation gets reversed, Scarlett loves Rhett who does not love her anymore… I feel so angry at Rhett for being so sellfish that he’d rather turn Scarlett’s life to misery rather than just admit to her he loves her. He mocks her constantly, make everyone hates her and cut her from her entire family and incidentally, none of them can be happy.

One more thing: Melanie! I usually don’t like the nice characters, those every one loves, but if Melanie is the weakest she is the link between all the characters and always she’ll have the right thing to say. She is the only one that knows all she owes to Scarlett and for that reason will stick by her side till the end, like a true friend, never asking anything in return.

To conclude, my favorite quote from the book:

She told herself : “Burdens are made for the shoulders that are strong enough to carry them”. Well, she had strong shoulders.

What do you guys think of this book? Have you read it?





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