And the sun will shine on us again


Looking out to the unknown

Looking out to the unknown

To finish the week beautifully, let’s take a trip down memory lane, to talk about the beautiful state of Victoria, Australia, and more precisely, Wilsons Promontory National Park. It is said to be the most Southern point of Australia – Tasmania excluded – and it is a little haven of peace and beauty.

We spent a day there when my family came to visit but it is a huge park and anyone who goes there should devote it more time than this. It is quite a long way from Melbourne, so really it is the limit for just a day trip. We stopped at Squeaky Beach, which takes its name from the squeaking noise of the sand as you walk. White thin sand, so soft you will never want to put your feet on anything else! It is a famous surfing point, and for us little French, the size of the waves was just a big scare! The water was FREEZING cold, the kind of cold that makes you feel like something is repeatedly biting every single inch of skin you have, but we must have stayed a good two hours in that water, just playing in the waves like little kids.

The beaches are not the only attraction of the park, it is famous as well for the wildlife you will encounter while taking a hike. You can walk all over it, campsites are spread around. We did not have the chance to see a wombat – such a disapointment they are the cuttest and oddest animals I discovered in OZ – BUT I did have the chance to see my first wild KANGAROO!! Well, it was a wallaby, and it had a little brace around its neck but, it was quietly eating the grass on the side of the road while we drove back. Yes, because we all have the idea that in Australia, Kangaroos are just hopping around, all over the place but that is soooo wrong. It took me a good 7 months to see one… We could also see a little behind an Emu, this huge Australian bird that can’t fly.

What an amazing day really, and on our drive back home through the beautiful countryside of Victoria, the sky burst on fire in one of the most incredible sunset I’ve had the chance to witness. We enjoyed a nice dinner to finish the day, my whole family – almost – around the table devouring a few pizzas, one of the only time it happened in a great many years. Moments that you just want to remember forever!

Have a great week end everyone, I am myself going to enjoy the first ray of sunshine! It is meant to be 24° on Sunday wouhou!




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