Museo de Art Deco


Just a quick post tonight, problems seem to be piling up these days and my graduation is little by little vanishing into thin air… I’d rather not think about it for now, and pretend I like a good challenge. I just want to share my visit to the museum of Art Deco, one of the few museums you can find in Salamanca! I like Art Deco, it’s my dad’s favorite ‘art’ movement, and our house is filled with books, objects, little miniatures and furnitures in this style. So I felt quite curious to see it!

The building in itself is grand, you can admire it from outside for its amazing windows. I don’t think anything inside is ‘real’, like I’m pretty sure they have recreated this building in the Art Deco style just to turn it into a museum, but in the end it does look lovely! Great view on the Rio Tormes or the cathedral.

The collection in itself, well they have quite a lot of stuff let’s be honest. Some of the pieces exhibited are quite quirky, lots of little sculptures of women dancing, and an amaaaazing amount of creepy dolls. Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken – risking my life!! (You aren’t allowed to take any pictures from inside, why but why??).






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