Lend me your eyes I can change what you see


Arghh, back to school today…It was raining all day, it felt like I was back three weeks ago, craving for the holidays to start…

I started my day with an exam, first thing in the morning just how I like to start my week! Here, the exams are quizzes with multiple answers, which isn’t too bad let’s be honest. The trick is, you loose points for every wrong answer and you have a limited amount of questions you can leave blank… Vicious no?? I like that we have sort of mid terms exams, that way I won’t find myself one week before the finals with an unreasonable amount of notes to go over…

Irlande in a cup! Great procrastination tool...

Ireland in a cup! Great procrastination tool…

However, what I don’t like is that we have to learn everything by heart, and it hasn’t happened to me for years! The professor does the lecture, we take notes, then we learn it, and finally you pick the right answers. Unsure I am actually learning anything that way, but one thing IS sure: I am so done with studies.This semester is definitly one too much and I can’t wait to graduate!

Good thing I made cookies over the week end! Food for thought… I had left over condensed milk from the other day and a whole lot of lemons just about to rot, so condensed milk cookies with a lemon curd ‘frosting’. First time I was making lemon curd, it is seriously easy but soooo incredibly tasty!

Condensed milk cookie with lemon curd

Condensed milk cookie with lemon curd

I hope everyone’s having a good start of the week!




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