She’s coming home!

Camel in Broome

Camel in Broome

Tonight, my dear C. is having her last night in OZ. She’ll be departing tomorrow – we WHV in Australia do not leave the country, we depart it  as we’re sure once we are out, our lives are over – and right now, she’s at the point she says she can’t come home, she just can’t do it. When I think of how long she’s been there for, and all that she’s done, I start to think indeed, she won’t make it! However, it’s been just a year that she’s there, just as I did, and if I thought at the time I would never survive, unfortunately, I did. She’s been such a long way since she first arrived,  maybe it feels so long because when I met her it was the end for me, but for her it was just the beginning.

I remember the first time I’ve seen her. I was chatting with W., my best friend at the time at Pirates Backpackers and she arrived, droped her Gerard Darel purse on the table, and looking gorgeously French she started talking with W. without even aknowledging I was here. My first thought? ‘Brunette. Brown eyes. She’ll steal my W. for sure. Bitch’. And crazy bitch definitly she is and I wouldn’t want her any other way! It’s only a week later or so that we started bonding, over breakfast one morning. All my mates then had left, so I said ‘where about in France are you from?’ ‘Tours’ ‘No way!’ ‘Yes, why?’ ‘Me too!’. She likes to say we had to travel half way accross the world to find each other and I like to think that it’s true. My boss started calling us the twins, and so did everybody. Travelling sisters we became for sure, and I wouldn’t have done half the things I did if she hadn’t been with me to do it, or behind me telling me to do it. She says I’m a wild travelling beast but she should look at herself! The best party girl, the best travelling companion, the best sister I never had…

I know she’d hate me saying this but at least when she comes home it means we’ll be on the same continent again. When I left Oz, my face full of tears and my heart just a big sob, she said: ‘be strong, we’ll be back here. We’ll be back here both’. I wish I could take her hand just the same, and tell her all the things that she wants to hear. But I can’t because I know there is none of that. You think that when you leave you’ll be stuck and it’s true.

However, I can promess her, we’ll back there under the sunshine, because there’s no other place we belong.




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