A day in Valladolid




Finally, a sunny day in Salamanca! Freezing cold, but we just can’t win, can we? Sun just changes everything and I’m sure as soon as the temperatures rise life will be soooo nice here!

Made me remember how beautiful Spain can be, so I decided to have a look at my pictures from our trip to Valladolid, on a sunny winter day, about a month ago. Vallodolid is a nice city, still in the Castilla y Leon region, and it’s good for a day trip really, but I wouldn’t stay for more. I found the city so quiet, although it was Saturday and it’s much bigger than Salamanca.

Desayuno in Plaza Mayor

Desayuno in Plaza Mayor

We had so much food that day, wandered in the streets to have a look at the thousands of churches, monasteries, convents and cathedrals. We also went to the museum of Modern Art, as Lonely Planet had said they featured ‘artists such as Salvador Dali’. One sketch from Dali, that’s what it was, I was quite angry with Lonely Planet – always expect so much of them I guess – and I really don’t know how they came up with this comment.

Anyway, I’ll just leave you with the pictures for today and I hope everyone is having a great week end.





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