Melbourne is where it starts


Typical sky of Victoria

Typical sky of Victoria

Ahhh, Friday’s my favorite day of the week, that’s when I’m legally allowed to talk about my travellings, and more precisely Australia!

I will start today by talking of the state of Victoria as it is where I’ve spent most of my time. Not my favorite, but it has its charms.

And of course: Melbourne, where I lived for about 7 months, in that 100 years old Aussie house that I learnt to call home. I was kindly hosted by the most amazing Australian family, old friends of my parents who came to live in France for a few years 30 years ago and who have a passion for it. Funny how life is no? We just cant be happy with what we have… I can easily say they are the best thing that happened to me then.

When I started travelling I really thought of starting a blog, however, I was working full time and I did not get the chance to travel or explore as much as I wished. Besides, my job mainly involved social networks, blogs and geek stuff, I just needed to switch off after work. Then, I had so little access to internet (I survived yes) it was out of the question. However, I could easily have filled up a blog everyday about Melbourne. I often complained (we French are masters in the art of complaining) then that I was so tired but to be fair, it was the easy life. It is a gorgeous city, so lively you just cannot be bored. They say you either LOVE Melbourne or you LOVE Sydney but not both, and surely I don’t need to tell you what is my fav… I can only find one fault to this city: the public transportation, trains and trams which drained me of all my money, patience, energy and self control.

IMGP1246I loved the little lanes, the coffee shops, the gigantic parks, the ocean line and the funky shops. Brunswick Street was of course my favorite street, with a endless numbers of edgy pubs, vintage shops and stationary heaven. I’ve been in the tiniest, craziest, cutest coffee shops I could have hoped to see one day (my all time dream is to have my own coffee shops/bookstore so for sure I was in heaven!). Not to mention the bookstores! In France, we tend to have less and less little bookstores but Melbourne still have loads of them. I had a tiny bookstore right outside of my work and I must have spent just about every lunch break in there… Not even telling you how much it cost me to ship it all back home…

Right next to my work was the South Melbourne market, which was a huge covered market with everything from Ugg boots to fruits and veggies. I’d get lunch there all the time: vietnamese baguettes, meat pies, smoothies, paella, it’d be drooling over everything… I remember one day, a boiling hot summer day, I headed over there, and right outside was a guy with a barbecue thing, grilling fish. He’d drench it with lemon juice, add some fresh herbs and stuff it in a piece of fresh baguette. The TASTIEST sandwich ever!

However, we could argue that Melbourne has no beach (major problem is OZ). Of course Melbourne has MANY beaches but they are only ‘city beaches’ as they call it (errr… we’d dream to have beaches like that in Europe!). I mean they even have a beach only for dogs and it’s a huge one! On the other hand, Melbourne has loads of green spaces, and especially the Royal Botanic Gardens, an immense park in the middle of the city. We went to a ‘movie in the park’ night with some friends. Basically they pull up a gigantic screen, make you pay a fortune (back then, a movie was about 20 AUD) and you can lay on the grass, sipping your wine or enjoying a nice picnic while watching the movie. Australian lifestyle! The bats – huuuuuge – were flying all around us – spooky.

I guess I could go on and on about Melbourne, the roof top bars, the nightlife, the pastries, the Queen Victoria market, Laska King, … But I will just leave you with a few pics… My heart still squizzes to the name of Melbourne and it has been nearly a year now that I’ve left…




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