Semana Santa Part 2


Just sharing some more photos of Semana Santa, this time the night parades. They have been my favorites, sooo intense!

Miercoles Santo (Wednesday)

It was my first procesion and I was so exited to see the ‘men with the pointy masks’. I went to Calle Compania, it is my favorite street of Salamanca, it’s a very narrow street, surrounded by high walls, it is all paved and at the end is the big church with the two towers. It was the starting point of the procesion and when I arrived I saw them getting out of the church and lining up in the street. They waited quite a while before starting, and everyone was in the expectation of seeing what was gonna happen. They all had candles lit, the drums started rolling, and truly it was kind of an odd situation. To me, it seems like a sort of a Klu Klux Klan gathering, very solemn and scary. But then, the band started playing and it all began to move. It was such a windy night, just as always in Salamanca and they kept going back and forth to one another trying to lit up the candles again which was quite funny.

That procesion was Jesus Flagelado y la senora de las lagrimas

Jueves Santo (Thursday)

I came accross the procesion with the purple dressed men randomly while coming out of my flat and definitly it was the most dramatic one. First, the location, at the bottom of Plaza Mayor, and the size of the statues. The man you can see on one of the pictures with the cross, he carried it all alone all around town, bare feet, with the chains to his feet… You could hear him in the entire city, slowly walking like he was carrying the sufferings of the world on his shoulders, the beat of the drum accorded to his footsteps and the noise of the chains on the ground… All the statues are carried by men, and I was actually close enough in a corner to realize that they could not see a thing that was happening. One man would give them direction which proved quite tricky!

As we can deduce from the pictures, that day was La Agonia del Cristo

Viernes Santo (Friday)

So I don’t know what happened on Friday, the parade was at midnight, I went to the new Cathedral to see it because the entire city was just PACKED. Down there obviously it was just the same and I had no way to be close enough to see anything at all. It was one of those night with a huge moon, and the sight of the two cathedrals illuminated in the night was a show in itself. The procesion was called ‘La senora de la Soledad‘, and indeed, it was a very dark one… The music was gone at first, everyone wearing black, no lights. This magnificent statue of La Virgen Maria silently arrived -her gown was gorgeous – and she was carried to the cathedral, whose doors had opened a moment before. That’s when this other statue came to the door from inside – I could not see what it was – they faced each other for a little while then the statue in the cathedral backed up and the doors closed on Marie’s face. To me, it seems like a very sad scene, like she came to beg for their merciness and it was refused to her. So Marie went, slowly bouncing right and left. They have this special way of walking when they carry the things, which gives the impression that the statue is swinging right and left.

That was the last of Semana Santa – epic no?




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