Semana Santa


I finally managed to upload my pictures from Semana Santa and spent my afternoon playing with them! It came in handy because I was starting to feel a post-Semana Santa depression…Everybody have left the city, and no trumpets or drums floating in the air…

I have an awful lot of pictures, and I will make it into two posts, one with the pictures by day and the next with the pictures by night.

I am so happy I chose to stay in Salamanca for the holidays, because I had the chance to see that. I talked about it a little bit last week, therefore I won’t be too long tonight. The weather was pretty bad all week, and Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday the ‘procesiones’ were canceled which was such a disapointment for everyone, especially for all the people that spent so long preparing the event.

Jueves Santo (Thursday)

A lot of the people doing the ‘procesiones‘ were doing it bare feet, even when they were carrying the big statues, and the number increased along with Jesus’ sufferings. They follow a path all around town and let me tell you, it was freezing and wet last week! I think I have understood that the colors of the outfits, the flags and everything are particular to a church. All the flags were hanged on Plaza Mayor to represent all the ‘hermandades‘ of Salamanca.

Thursday was La Agonia

Sabado Santo (Saturday)

Saturday was ‘la hermandad del silencio‘. The parades on Friday I think were canceled because of the rain, or the wind I can’t remember. All the statues that they use are the traditional ones, that they have carried for so many years and they want to protect them, which explains all the trouble they take regarding the rain. I can understand that, seeing some of the statues especially those of the Virgin are magnificent. The music got really really sad, the oufits dark, the drums rolling all day. It was so windy I could hear the drum and trumpets from my flat…

Domingo Santo (Sunday)

Sunday, it was the resurection of Jesus. The music was sooo loud, very dramatic but as a triumphing kinda drama, the masks were gone and a lot of kids were doing it. Unfortunately, if you can see sunshine in the pictures it quickly turned to HORRIBLE rain, and they had to cancel the last parade of the week, rrrrr such a shame!

I hoped you liked this post (click on the pics to make them appear full screen), truly it is something to be seen! Such faith nowadays, I found it hard to believe!




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