Weekly Photo Challenge: a day in my life


Happy Easter is in order I guess? Wasn’t much of an Easter for me… I did try to find some chocolate but I don’t think it’s part of the traditions here because I haven’t seen any chocolates in the shops at all (Errrr… what’s wrong with this place??). I did buy myself a Kinder ‘sorpresa’ just to, you know … celebrate…eat kinder… all that…

So that’s the first thing I did today, eat my chocolate, then I headed to La Iglesia de Vera Cruz to the see the first parade of the day, and OMG it was sunny (OK, it was raining at the same time but I think on this religious day I can try to stay humble and not ask for too much). I walked in the little park in front of the church then sat on the wall to have the best view and for a few minutes I swear I’ve felt the sun on my face…Parade was grand as usual, Jesus resurrected and la Virgen Maria looked happy, the music was triumphiant, the masks had disappeared and the kids were holding red flowers.

I came again after lunch to see the last parade of the week (yes, I LOVE them), however it was canceled (or rearanged?) because of the threatening sky, so I ended up seeing the same as I did before. And they were right, because it was POURING all afternoon! Disgusting weather really, nothing to do at all so I just spent my all afternoon watching Mumford and Sons gigs on You Tube. I had tea while reading my book, with a yummy cookie. I am currently reading Gone with the wind, for the second time in my life and I cant say who’s my favorite: Scarlett or Rhett? They both are so sellfish 😉 My friend E. got me some tea back from her exchange in Montreal, it’s rooibos with maple syrup, and it tastes sweet and delicious, just like I always figured Canada would taste.

I cooked myself a very French dinner: roasted potatoes, lettuce, camembert and an apple for dessert. I went to see  my friend S. who’s leaving to Porto tomorrow, leaving me all alone in Salamanca, and I got a tiny bit wet!

This not how I would normally spend a day, this is the holidays and all of my friends have either gone home or on a trip.  I actually think it wasn’t too bad for an Easter alone, however what I really wish I could have done now, is enjoy a cheese plate with French bread, with a glass of white wine, cosy by the fire with my family all around me.



PS all the photos are taken from my phone which explains the… quality… I’m currently facing a tiny situation with my camera hopefully will be fixed soon



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