Keeping busy in Salamanca…


espanaToday is the first day of Easter holidays here, well technically it’s on Friday night but… Tomorrow is public holiday, so why not make Friday off as well? Oh, and wednesday classes are optionals because we are ‘the day before the holidays’… Why not?

The weather is horrendous here, pretty much all the Semana Santa celebrations have been canceled up to today because of the rain… So, what to do in Salamanca when it’s raining? Well, eat and drink I guess, and it’s a good thing there are as many bars as rainy days in the year!

One of my favvvvv tapas

One of my favvvvv tapas

The best thing here to eat are the tapas. They are bite sized dish that you order with your drinks. Most of the times they are deciously unhealthy, on toasts, with smoked ham or chorizo, a potatoe dish or a piece of tortilla. It’s very very cheap and you can usually get a good meal for less than 6 euros.

My favorites places in Salamanca are Meson Cervantes on Plaza Mayor, and Bambu, a very modern type of tapas bar, hidden in Calle Prior.

churrosFor the afternoon, you must have churros con chocolate. Well, they have it for breakfast here but I cant imagine taking that much heaviness first thing in the morning… Maybe I should give it a try who knows…

They are not too big on pastries here, except maybe donuts, so I would definitly recommend to try Churros for afternoon snack. Or ice cream. They have so many ice cream shops on Plaza Mayor, my favorite being Smooth yogurt ice cream place. It sounds healthy, but for the price of the ice cream you can add any topping you want, oreo cookies or kit kats, all sorts of fruits and nuts and top it all up with Kinder Bueno cream or Ferrerro Rocher cream!! They also have a Kinder Bueno ice cream, which I will most definitly get next time I see a ray of sunshine!

20130222_005152As for drinks, I don’t think I’ll ever see the end of it even staying here for 4 months… The BEST sangria in town is definitly found at Meson Cervantes as mentionned above. It’s not the cheapest but it tastes delightful and if you don’t like Sangria, I still strongly recommend to have a look at it, it’s superb inside and they are playing Spanish music most times.

My favorite bar is Pani Agua on Calle Varillas. It’s right outside of my best friend’s place so we are over there quite a lot. The first time I went in, I thought it was a dump… It’s more like an ‘underground’ type of place and I know it won’t suit everybody. However, I think it is very spanish, at least that’s how I pictured a Spanish pub before I ever came here. It is packed every night, rock music screaming to your ears and they serve your drinks in gigantic plastic pints.

Talking about drinks, it appears that Spanish people love mixes, the Calimucho is not a legend,  and most of the drinks you’ll order you would only have imagined in your worst nightmares:

-Calimucho: red wine + coke

-Tinto de verano: red wine + lemonade

-Agua de valencia: sparkling white wine + vodka + fanta (??)

Apparently, they also serve beer and fanta but I dont know the name of it.

Diablo Verde at La Chupiteria

Diablo Verde at La Chupiteria

The most epic place in town is definitly La Chupiteria, Plaza de Monterrey, we go there about everytime we go out, usually ‘just for a start’ but truth is you never get out of La Chupiteria … It looks like nothing from the outside, it is tiny inside but they have dozens of different kind of shots, each being one euro. Among them, the notorious Diablo Verde that ‘one has to try to truly experience Salamanca’. It is cannabis marinated in Absynthe and believe my words: it is not worth it! It is definitly EVIL!!



There are so many places I could talk about, maybe another time as this post is already way too long… I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the rain to stay away and leave us with a fun parade night!



Smooth's yogurt ice cream, looking gorgeous!

Smooth’s yogurt ice cream, looking gorgeous!


Yummy gambas at Marmara

Yummy gambas at Marmara

My new fav wine

My new fav wine


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