I’ll be home in a little while…

In Monkey Mia paradise...

In Monkey Mia paradise…

I will be strong. Not for you, but for myself.  One day I decided to let go. Oh, it did not happen just like that, I had to be strong and fight, to agree that you had your flaws and that our relationship, it ended. Not because you died, but because you wanted it to end.

I’ve fooled myself thinking that you did not warn me you were dying to protect me. You just did not care.

I told myself the journal, you left it to me because it had the answer. You were just being funny.

You said you shouldn’ miss me at all, there is nothing to miss, you should hate me if anything. But hate, it’s still a feeling.

You said don’t believe a word of what I say. But you never stopped talking.

Today, I stop questionning. I am something outside of you, and wether you’re here or not I still am. Australia it was my land. You said go home, but home, it’s nowhere. Or everywhere, and I want it to be Australia.

And so I’ll be back without you because Australia I loved it before I loved you and I wanted my life there before I wanted my life with you.

Our story, you wanted it to be nothing, but it will be a start.


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