Semana Santa has begun!


Creepy or what?

Creepy or what?

I knew religion was a big deal in Spain but I never thought Semana Santa was such an event! It started yesterday (Sunday) for ‘el dia de los ramos‘ and it’s going on like this for a week – weather permits…

We did not have any idea what to expect when we decided to have a go at it yesterday, but as soon as we got out and started walking towards the cathedral we could see the crowd building up and by the time we got there, the city was absolutly PACKED! The parade was really late to come out, but it might be due to the fact that they involved principally kids.

I am completly ignorant when it comes to religion and honestly have no interest in knowing, therefore I won’t get into the details of the celebrations and their meanings because I’d probably be saying something stupid. However, it was quite a show and I loved it!

The ‘procesion‘ started with a man on a horse, both man and horse were wearing what looked like a very old costume and I’m pretty sure most of the outfits are the original ones (or close enough) that they preserve and take out every year for the event. As well, he was playing sort of an old wood flute, with a shape and sound I had never heard before -typical Spanish tune – and I can say that for most of the instruments they have used that day.

Opening of the 'procesion'

Opening of the ‘procesion’

He was then followed by the kids, in groups wearing different kind of costumes and I cant say if the outfit was special to their churches or the villages they were coming from or something completly different. They were accompanied by the creepy men and women wearing the mask as you can see in the picture above.

Then came the statue of Jesus, and last a marching band.The parade walks all around town, playing music and let me tell you: it is something to be seen! By the time we arrived in Plaza Mayor the sun made an appearance and it just looked PERFECT!

So many people were carrying little branches ‘los ramos‘ and the kids were on their Sunday’s best. I’ve never seen such beautiful kids in my life!!

I’m quite exited for the rest of the week and tonight is the big parade for ‘el lunes Santo‘, they wear pointy masks and it’s at night time I just cant wait to see that!!

Got to run if I don’t want to miss it!





marching bandplaza mayor

Aww I want the same! Best dressed little boys in the world!

Aww I want the same! Best dressed little boys in the world!

Cute old couple

Cute old couple


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