Welcome to Salamanca


I’m feeling rather sick today, so this post will be a bit gloooooomy I think… lapin cretin

But how about I share a bit what it’s like to live in Spain? Yes because I like to think my travelling days are over, the truth is I have the amazing chance of taking my last semester of Uni in Salamanca, as part of an Erasmus exchange program…

I’m not too sure now that I’m here why I have chosen Spain in the first place, I usually like to pick more ‘exotic’ countries (aka English speaking lands far far away from home). I chose it about a year ago, while roasting under the sunshine of Melbourne, not even half way through my WHV in Australia… Back then, I guess I felt, and it was rooted very deep in my mind unfortunately, like I was never going to leave Oz, I would never come back to grey old Europe… Or if I would eventually have to go home, my life would be over and it did not matter where I would be.

I did not have much expectations of what it would be like here, and I will now admit I havent really been proven wrong…The cold beauty of the old Spain, my ass stuck in a chair for hours on in the classroom listening to some nonsense I dont give a shit about, I spent my first 6 weeks wondering how in HELL I ended up here…

la nieve

Snow day

However, Salamanca is a gorgeous city and I’m not giving it any justice. I think I never left it any chance in the first place and I am so wrong. The old churches, the paved lanes, the Plaza Mayor it is something to be seen. But Spain, and that was a surprise, for now only meant RAIN. Wet, wet, wet that’s what it is like to live here!! All I ever asked for was sunshine, and a tiny heat wave… A girl can dream no? We even had snow for god sake’s!! It’s funny how much the weather can affect you, your moods and your daily life. That’s what everyone talks about these days, the weather and clearly the lack of light and colors for me is the hardest.

But I think I can see a ray of sunshine over there, I’m just gonna leave you with a couple of shots I took since I arrived here and go and venture outside for a drinks with my friends.

Hasta luego!


Gloomy afternoon

Gloomy afternoon


So that's the sunshine??

So that’s the sunshine??

Weather forecast for next week, wouhou I am exited!

Weather forecast for next week, wouhou I am exited!


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